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20 Favorite Moments in Cuba


Havana night

A heady mix of beaches, music, rum, and Revolution unfurls across the tropical island of Cuba. Conquered by the Spaniards and reinvigorated by African and Haitian slaves, its cultural blend is evident in rhythm and tunes, religion, architecture, and in its people. Combined with a natural beauty of white sands, turquoise seas, palms, mountains, and flourishing flora and fauna, a trip to this beguiling land will surely see you heading back for more. Here are 20 of my own favorite experiences.

20 Favorite Moments in Cuba.

Wonderful Havana wins travel award

Wonderful Havana website

Wonderful Havana

A new Irish-owned travel website just six months old has won a prestigious travel award from the UK’s favourite cruise agent., the new expert guide to what’s going on in Havana, won the Website Award from The award was given for “offering great advice and accurate reviews and news” and being “informative, helpful and accurate.” It is one of 13 websites awarded, and the only one specifically related to Cuba.

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