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Salt and pepper, the magic formula in cuisine

Black and white peppercorns

Black and white peppercorns - Image via Wikipedia

When Mendez, one of the Chefs at La Casa Restaurant, was asked about his favorite seasonings, he answered without the slightest doubt, “Salt and pepper!” These are two ingredients which cannot fail to be present in the menu of our restaurant.

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Basil and Rosemary

Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum).

Basil leaves - Image via Wikipedia

I want to speak about two spices which are not so common in everyday Cuban cuisine or in the usual food of the families in this island: basil and rosemary. Accustomed to the inseparable trio “garlic, pepper and onion”, many people find them odd and refuse to use this seasoning.
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The Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

I really had a tough time thinking about my first post in this blog section, because we have thousands of Cuban recipes… and a very large number of them are really delicious! After a debate that included the Ropa vieja, the Cuban picadillo and even the Ajiaco, I decided to talk about one Cuban typical food that we never miss on December: Pierna de cerdo asada.  Continuar leyendo