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Una receta cubana: fritura de calabaza

Muchos se sienten atraídos por el sabor de la cocina típica cubana. Lo cierto es que mi experiencia en el restaurant La Casa me ha demostrado cuán demandados son los platillos de nuestra cocina tradicional. Entre los preferidos se encuentran las frituras de malanga, receta muy solicitada por quienes nos han visitado pro vez primera y hasta por quienes regresan una y otra vez. Continuar leyendo


Black Bean Soup: Nitza’s Recipe

Black beans

Black beans

Which was the second most popular Cuban recipe in the survey I placed in Facebook some days ago? It was frijoles negros dormidos (asleep black beans – thick black bean soup). Browsing for it I found three different recipes of this typical Cuban dish which I will share with you in two “chapters”.

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Ropa vieja, a Cuban recipe.

Congris and Ropa vieja

Congris and Ropa vieja - Image via Wikipedia

Last week I posted a survey at the Restaurant La Casa page on Facebook and asked,”Is there anything more Cuban than yuca con mojo (manioc with a garlic-and-sour-orange dressing)? This question had a great reception, and it had 66 votes in a few hours. Up to this moment I am writing this post the first place was shared with ropa vieja and black beans, followed closely by (barbecued) roast pork.
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Frijoles negros Cuban black beans

Black beans

Black beans

Cuban black beans is an accompaniment or side dish served  with cooked rice, especially white rice. It can also be eaten as a main dish, on its own. There are as many recipes for black beans as there are Cuban cooks and each have their personal signature on what to add and how to prepare its recipe.

The basic ingredients to make Cuban style black beans besides the black beans are:

  • oil
  • onion
  • bell pepper
  • garlic
  • vinegar
  • bay leaf
  • cumin

23. frijoles negros Cuban black beans « Cooking in Multi-cultural NYC.

Cuban Traditions: Ropa Vieja, Slow Cooker magic « Comidas Via MelissaBels

Ropa vieja

Ropa vieja

Beef Stew never sounded so beautiful, or tasted so good. The literal translation for Ropa Vieja in Spanish is “Old Clothes”. This comes from the concept of shredded beef in a medley of vegetables and special sauce.  A mishmash of ingredients, so to speak.  That said, it is absolutely decadent when made the right way.

I first had this dish at an authentic Cuban restaurant here in New York- uptown Manhattan.  I was hesitant my boyfriend insisted I try it. I am so glad that he did. It was amazing! I immediately started to take taste bud inventory of what I was eating so that I could replicate at home.  While there are a ton of ingredients, you pretty much throw everything in a slowcooker and leave it. There isn’t much skill involved- which makes this recipe that much better.

Cuban Traditions: Ropa Vieja, Slow Cooker magic « Comidas Via MelissaBels.

Salt and pepper, the magic formula in cuisine

Black and white peppercorns

Black and white peppercorns - Image via Wikipedia

When Mendez, one of the Chefs at La Casa Restaurant, was asked about his favorite seasonings, he answered without the slightest doubt, “Salt and pepper!” These are two ingredients which cannot fail to be present in the menu of our restaurant.

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Basil and Rosemary

Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum).

Basil leaves - Image via Wikipedia

I want to speak about two spices which are not so common in everyday Cuban cuisine or in the usual food of the families in this island: basil and rosemary. Accustomed to the inseparable trio “garlic, pepper and onion”, many people find them odd and refuse to use this seasoning.
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