A journey for the Capitol of Havana


Capitol of Havana

One of the places more important of Havana is their Capitol. Particularly I adore the neoclassical architecture inside the eclectic repertoire of Havana, hence I delight myself every time that I pass for this central property. The mixture of their republican history, the myths that rotate around it, as well as their aesthetic values catch me every time that I see it or I converse about the architecture of the capital.

Hence I recommend all strange friend that comes closer to this place and that enjoys it in all their immensity. So much in their exterior as interior hides wonderful histories and examples of the most outstanding of the pictorial Cuban art.

With its not tames dominating the city’s skyline, the Capitol needs address to locate it. This facsimile of Washington D.C’s Capitol has been called to monument to the hubris of Machado, the Cuban dictator, who built it.

www.juanma85.wordpress.comFrom its completion in 1929 until 1959, it was the seat for the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Republic. Behind bronze doors whose panels depict scenes from Cuba’s history ties an awesomely large gallery called, The Hall of Lost Steps. It contains to representation of Pallas Athena, claimed to be the world’s third tallest indoor statue, and, under the tames, to it replies of to 28-carat diamond that marks Havana’s center.

Any person can wander around the rest of the building, admiring the handsome semicircular chamber where politicians sat ace well ace the endless marble corridors and Italian Renaissance ceilings.

This place is attractive for a very particular tradition: any person can buy a picture, taken by one of the photographers outside the Capitol. It is very interesting because one needs to stand still for to number of seconds: their tripod cameras dates from the 1920s.


the capitol of Havana

This is a very central place, in the heart of Old Havana. From of it, there are a series of luxurious and important places of Cuba, as: The Park of the Fraternity, Paseo del Prado, and a series of hotels like England, the oldest in Cuba, the Telegraph, the Central Park and Saratoga. Around this place there are a lot of life, constant traffic and mainly an aura that make it worthy of a visit, or several, why not?

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