Salt and pepper, the magic formula in cuisine

Black and white peppercorns

Black and white peppercorns - Image via Wikipedia

When Mendez, one of the Chefs at La Casa Restaurant, was asked about his favorite seasonings, he answered without the slightest doubt, “Salt and pepper!” These are two ingredients which cannot fail to be present in the menu of our restaurant.

One of the main uses of salt and pepper in Cuban as well as in international cuisine is seasoning food with salt and pepper; that is, adding salt and pepper before taking the meat to the pan or the casserole. Afterwards the meat must be sealed in very hot oil; finally the rest of the spices and seasonings must be added, according to the taste of the cook. The meat is then slightly fried.

In the literature I have consulted there is great variety in the different kinds of pepper, such as white, black, green, pink… and from different countries like Tasmania, Ethiopia, Jamaica, among others.

I also learnt that there are four different kinds of salt; sea salt, spring salt, rock salt, vegetable salt. It has been discovered that human beings have used salt for thousands of years. There is even proof that salt was used in China since the 27th century Before Christ! In short, never too old to learn…

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