Five Reasons to eat at La Casa Restaurant

La Casa in Trip Advisor

#1 in Trip Advisor

Sometimes I wonder, in the midst of the daily activity at the restaurant, why Cubans and foreigners have chosen La Casa as their favorite place in Havana for more than 15 years. They have chosen it, whether for lunch or dinner, in order to taste Cuban cuisine or international cuisine. It is easy for you to believe you are the best for this or that reason, while missing the characteristic features which distinguish this restaurant and make it a referent in the gastronomic map of the city.

I have been checking the comments of some clients at Trip Advisor, where we are in the first place among the restaurants in Havana since January 2011. Each customer pints out a different detail, or highlights a particular aspect which satisfied them while visiting La Casa.

I have made a list out of the clients’ comments of the reasons why I would recommend a friend to come and visit La Casa Restaurant:

A quiet neighborhood: La Casa restaurant is not placed in a busy area like Vedado or the historical center in Old Havana. However, this disadvantage becomes an added value when visitors look around Nuevo Vedado, one of the most beautiful and peaceful neighborhoods in Havana. Far from the urban noise, this neighborhood is a refuge for those looking for peace and quiet.

A family restaurant: the restaurant is still the house of the Robaina Cardoso family. Foreign visitors are delighted to be able to talk to an authentic Cuban family. Cubans feel at home, with family photographs around, the fish tank, the familiar furniture…

A friendly service: at La Casa the waiters’ smile on their faces is not part of professional regulations, but a natural mood. They also talk to the clients, explain, answer their questions. The service transcends the conventional.

A nice conversation: I must confess that I am keen on human relationships. What I enjoy the most about my daily work at la Casa is talking to clients who get there and they want strike a conversation. Excellent food and a nice conversation are inseparable for those who like to enjoy life. I have talked to people from the United States, the United Kingdom, Panama, Australia, Spain… from all walks of life.

An authentic ambiance: maybe this is the summary of all the above. At La Casa we do not pretend to be what we are not. We are not a chic restaurant, or a cool bar, or a cultural center… We have know-how; we can offer a luxury gourmet menu for the demanding client. How many times have I heard the phrase,”this is the best rabbit I have ever eaten”? Besides, this is a real Cuban home, open, transparent as the glass surrounding our 1950s house, hospitable by nature.

In my next article I will continue summarizing all the reasons which make me feel proud of La Casa Restaurant, and recommend it to all the people who visit Havana.

Acerca de Alejandro Robaina

Dueño del restaurant La Casa, en La Habana, Cuba. Owner of restaurant La Casa, in Havana, Cuba. Ver todas las entradas de Alejandro Robaina


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