Basil and Rosemary

Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum).

Basil leaves - Image via Wikipedia

I want to speak about two spices which are not so common in everyday Cuban cuisine or in the usual food of the families in this island: basil and rosemary. Accustomed to the inseparable trio “garlic, pepper and onion”, many people find them odd and refuse to use this seasoning.

Basil, for example, is the fundamental ingredient in pesto, which we learnt to cook in the video Swordfish with pesto. In addition, it can be used to aromatize black beans. Just a small sprig will do. It is also used for pastas, and even in the vinaigrette for salads.

Rosemary can be used for seasoning meat, when it is slightly fried or afterwards to aromatize it. At La Casa Restaurant there are two delicious recipes prepared with this spice: rabbit and lamb with rosemary.

The main component of the taste in food is its aroma; by using rosemary and basil the taste of some recipes can be changed to a great extent thus breaking with the monotony in our cuisine.

Good luck with experimenting with new tastes and aromas and bon appétit!

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Dueño del restaurant La Casa, en La Habana, Cuba. Owner of restaurant La Casa, in Havana, Cuba. Ver todas las entradas de Alejandro Robaina


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