A gentleman in the house: Gary Lucas at La Casa restaurant

Jeans, unique hat, and one big guitar in his hands: that’s the way Gary Lucas showed himself last Thursday 16th at La Casa restaurant. For those who are not yet acquainted with this Havana restaurant, that’d mean no more than a quick visit to eat some Cuban food and, maybe, have one or two Mojitos cubanos. And that, my friends, would be a huge mistake, because, as we all know… a friend that visits La Casa, that’s a friend that stays at La Casa.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Gary Lucas is a real traveler and a man of music. So far, he’s visited more than 40 countries with his music and talent. With that in mind, you’ll understand what a huge privilege was to welcome him at La Casa… and the amazing hours we spent together that evening!

A couple of mojitos cubanos and… dinner !

The moment Gary showed at the door, Silvita went for a couple of Mojitos cubanos and we shared some words at the entrance, I guess he realized how astonished I was… and he asked me -with the relaxed tone from one who already considers himself as part of the family- to get in the house.

Most of you dear readers, will be waiting for the menu he had that evening… ¿don’t you? Ok, here it is:

As starter we served a Tabla de queso, Camarones al ajillo and Rollitos de Salmón (which is one of those marvelous things that Michel cooks with a special care). I asked Gary about his visit, about New York – a city that I find particularly charming-, about his job… so I knew he was here to perform at the Havana Film Festival, accompanying the exhibition of the Spanish version of Dracula (1931).

Main dishes came before I had noticed, and fortunately, Gary had quite good comments for every one of them: Emperador al olivo (which I recommended), Filete de res con salsa de queso azul, and Pollo al curry.

When I wanted to know what he enjoyed the most at La Casa, he was direct: the family feeling and ambience: he met my father and mother, my cousin and a big part of La Casa family. To tell you truth, I was completely pleased. Then the dessert came (Crêpes Suzette with strawberries) and he took the guitar: the final stage for a perfect night… a night that was far from ending!

Some minutes after what I’ll always call the “special performance” of Gary Lucas at La Casa (I uploaded a Youtube video), we were driving to La Zorra y el Cuervo, a prestigious jazz club in the downtown, where Gary played with some Cuban musicians… but that, is part of another post that will be written very soon, I guess.

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