The Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada

I really had a tough time thinking about my first post in this blog section, because we have thousands of Cuban recipes… and a very large number of them are really delicious! After a debate that included the Ropa vieja, the Cuban picadillo and even the Ajiaco, I decided to talk about one Cuban typical food that we never miss on December: Pierna de cerdo asada.     

The so called Cuban roasted pork is part of the Cuban kitchen long ago, and we usually serve it up with a good arroz congrí and vegetables salad. This meal is probably one of the most common when talking about authentic Cuban food.

A Cuban recipe

The ingredients:

  • Pork meat (between 7 and 9 Kg)
  • Garlic
  • ¾ Cup of sour orange
  • 1 Marjoram spoonful
  • 1 Cumin spoonful
  • ¼ Black pepper spoonful
  • 2 Salt spoonfuls
  • ½ Kg of onions

One of the secrets for a delicious Pierna asada is to dress it up with all the ingredients since the day before the roast. That ensure the meat will be almost cooked with the acid of the orange and the added ingredients. It’s also recommended to make some cuts and incisions on the meat surface to put inside the “adobo” (which is the union of all grinded ingredients and the sour orange juice).

Let’s cook!

This meal, as almost all meals, takes patience. It has to be cooked over a low heat. The first step is to put some oil on a casserole and once the oil is boiling, put both sides of the meat some seconds. After that, use the “adobo” spreading it up to the surface of the meat. Every 20 minutes, turn the meat from the other side to be sure it’ll be completely done. 

If we are going to make the Pierna asada in the oven, then we will need to heat the oven to 250 degrees and put the meat inside. Every 30 minutes, use the “adobo” to spread it up to the surface of the meat. But, and this is a very special “but”, I have to warn you: the Cuban Pierna de cerdo asada is definitely a meal to be done in casserole.      

To be served

We use to dish it up cut in slices, best if you put some onion rings on it. Personally I think it’s not a difficult Cuban recipe to be done, and if you are one of those who want to get into the amazing world of cooking, this could be a great start!

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